Carlin Ma

Pianist and Pedagogue

(909) 353-3686

TEaching PHilosophy

Studying music is one of the best tools to nurture one’s highest potential.  It cultivates the underlying virtues of all effective leaders: collaboration, flexibility, imagination, and innovation.  It also cultivates complete awareness – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I love working with all types of students, encouraging them to become passionate learners in a positive, nurturing environment within a focused, disciplined structure.  I tailor lesson plans to each student’s goals and learning styles, so that they always understand what, why, and how they’re doing something.  One of students’ greatest fears is making mistakes, which actually are the best learning opportunities.  I help them analyze the mistake and learn how to change accordingly. Ultimately, my goal is to empower students to become their own teachers, by providing them with inspiration, ideas, and effective practicing methods.  This way, they can develop a life-long relationship with music.



I teach from my studio in Redmond, near Microsoft Redmond Campus.  Traveling to your home is also possible when my schedule permits.  There is an extra travel fee, depending on your location. Because a good relationship between student, teacher, and parent is important, I offer the first consultation lesson for free, so that we may get to know one other.

Don’t have a piano?  Let me know, and I have a friend who might be able to get you a starting upright for free.